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Home is a place where we want to stay as long as possible especially for the ageing people. Often one gets to hear from the elderly people that they just want to stay at home. While taking care of the elderly people there are multiple things one needs to take in consideration. Some people have complex needs that are maybe difficult to fulfil. Deep down, most people do not meet their expectations and the ultimate care they desire to have. It can be difficult to provide personal care, especially when you have a tight schedule. Let your commitments and to-do list compel you to not giving enough care to someone who deserves it.
Leave it to the experts who can do it for you. Gaps are fulfilled by caregivers that have good experience with people and their needs.
It is a great time for people who need support.
You can get a lot of help while being in your home. You can get more information on many of the services listed here at Lotus HealthCare.
Lotus HealthCare offers a broad range of nursing assistance to residents in the greater Melbourne area, which is designed to meet your individual needs, increase your quality of life and allow you to remain in your home with maximum independence. It focuses on fulfilling the needs of the caretakers with excellence. Lotus HealthCare’s in-home services are of great support for people. Various healthcare and personal cares are provided remarkably.

Aged Care at Home

At Lotus HealthCare, we recognize that 'your home is your castle'. Ageing shouldn't necessarily mean the loss of independence within your living environment and we are here to help you achieve this. As people age, their needs may change but peace of mind is vital. Living in the comfort of your own home and maintaining independence and social connections is important and we at Lotus HealthCare respect that there are many factors which may contribute to knowing when the time is right and what support to look for.

We encourage you to contact Lotus HealthCare and find out how we can help you to maintain your independence at home. We will take the time to get to know you, will treat you as an individual and give you choices with your home care.

Companionship Care

At Lotus Companionship Care we provide companionship in your way, in your community, whatever your circumstances may be to help you stay in your own home. Lotus Companionship Care was established to cater to the need for qualified carers to help maximise life experiences for people needing one on one care with as much independence as possible, with an emphasis on fun. Lotus provides short or long term companionship. Have a look at our service here.

After Hospital Care

Lotus HealthCare can offer one or more visits by a nurse to ensure that you are on the right path to recovery and answer any questions you may have until you feel quite confident about your health. A nursing visit can include anything from taking your temperature, pulse and blood pressure, monitoring for infection and checking wounds and dressings, to ensuring your medications are appropriate, assisting with bathing, fetching groceries, meal preparation and generally ironing out any of those many problems which can arise after a visit to the hospital. There may be many questions on your mind which are easily answered by an experienced and expert registered nurse. Contact us to know more.

Personal Care

We can assist patients of all age groups with showering or bathing, all aspects of personal hygiene, grooming and dressing whether it is in the morning or evening. During personal care, we also check the skin for any problem areas that may need addressing to ensure good skin integrity and good health.

We are familiar with many different types of aids which can be used for personal care i.e. lifting or standing hoists, transfers to wheelchairs etc. Look here to know more about the service.

Spending time at home can be more comfortable than before. We are just a call away. Get in touch with us and experience the difference.