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Laughter is absolutely the best medicine.
A book by Jane Giddan & Ellen Cole, “70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade” has an impressing way of thinking towards life. Motivation can come from anywhere. It’s you who has to choose how you want to live the rest of your life. You would never know how many people are inspired just by observing you. Why not take advantage of your age and spend time sharing your valuable experiences with the younger ones? Taking care of your health must be a priority. What about the small things involved in your mental and physical health. There are enough small things that you can actually implement in your lifestyle to keep ourselves happy. We have some of them for you.


Managing the mood and emotions is a challenge for everyone regardless of age. With the growing age, physiological changes impact the stability of the mood. The difficulty in adjusting with the loss of independence can disturb your thinking process. It helps in observing your actions and emotions better by letting you have control over your thoughts. Dementia wreaks memory, fades the focus, and disrupts the memory. A combination of meditation and breathing exercises can help in getting better results. Meditating for 20 minutes can help relieve stress and release positive thoughts. An effective meditation would result in enhanced calmness, better focus, and improved sleep. Read more.

Lotus Healthcare covers multiple packages and services that could be something that you are looking for. Personal care, aged care, aged and dementia care, overnight and sleepovers are some of the services.


Proven studies show that social interaction leads to a healthier mind and body. Social interactions provide higher health benefits such as reduced risk of dementia, and range of physical problems.  In situations where opportunities to socialize become limited, there is always room for other interactive mediums. Interaction with family members has a much better impact on the minds of the people. Maintain frequent contact. Listening to them, understanding their feelings can do wonders to their mental health. A companion can be of a great benefit. Companionship care options are growing for the better. Lotus HealthCare makes sure the clients are happy at the end of the day.

We do our utmost to match the best carer for you.


Every person needs to have certain entertainment in their lives. Motivate the clients to continue their passion or hobbies. Interacting with them might help in discovering their hidden or newly found hobbies. Encourage them to give it a go. Take them out for events they might be interested in. Challenge them in setting new records in walking, swimming, gardening, and other physical or artistic activities of their likes. Boosting their confidence can build their mental health. You can totally rely on Lotus HealthCare. We would take care of your everyday needs.


Consider teaching the clients to use technology if they aren’t aware of. If willing, anyone can learn to use technology. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could facetime your grandparents? This will help in keeping touch with them, keep them entertained and occupied. Involvement in communities will boost their sense of belongingness. Family members maintaining frequent contacts and visiting as much as possible is essential. Value their presence while involving them in minor activities. Some people like to be as independent as possible; however, they appreciate a small hand with their daily activities which Lotus HealthCare can help with. Whatever your needs!


Appreciation is necessary for every other person. Acknowledging ones work, efforts will boost their confidence and encourage them to keep going. Welcome opportunities where they could celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, events, occasions and holidays. It need not be outside but could also be done at home whichever suits them best. Express gratitude for their examples, teachings, assistance. Celebrate their significance in your life. Make them feel special and important. Consider our carers at Lotus HealthCare who would love to celebrate by taking them for shopping. We would make them feel special.

Lotus HealthCare acknowledges the lives of people and provides companionship care with a wide range of experts as per the needs of the client. We believe in fulfilling every need of a person with various healthcare packages and help them experience the difference. Have a look at the packages that will suite the best for you or ring us on 1300 156 887  to understand better.