Aged Care At Home

At Lotus Nursing we recognize that 'your home is your castle'. Ageing shouldn't necessarily mean loss of independence within your living environment and we are here to help you achieve this. As people age their needs may change but peace of mind is vital. Living in the comfort of your own home and maintaining independence and social connections is important and we at Lotus Nursing respect that there are many factors which may contribute to knowing when the time is right and what support to look for.

One factor to consider is when family members are not close by. You may just want some assistance to get out and about or you may need some help around the home, mowing the lawn or walking the dog or feeding the cat. We are here to help.

Your Decision

At Lotus Nursing we help make your decision easy with our Aged Care In-Home Support Services which offer a choice of support options to match just what you need as you get older.

We encourage you to contact Lotus Nursing and find out how we can help you to maintain your independence at home. We will take the time to get to know you, will treat you as an individual and give you choices with your home care.