Carer Respite

It's essential that carers look after themselves to prevent burnout. Lotus Nursing can provide nursing and companionship care to your relatives or loved ones of all ages, at home, while you enjoy some well deserved time off, or even go away for a holiday.

Whether it is just for a few hours each week on a regular basis or for a week at a time, we can provide 24 hour care in the home and can manage any kind of nursing care that is required ranging from peg feeds to wound care to continence care to stomal care. Lotus Nursing is ready to provide all aspects of nursing care.

Some of our carer respite services include:

  • Initial visit to research and assess client's capabilities, (likes and dislikes, needs & preferences).
  • Disability or Family Support works in conjunction with programmes such as Support & Choice and Family Choice.
  • These programmes include working with children & adults with disabilities or special needs and their families.
  • Respite: Social Activities, crossword puzzles, reading, (newspaper's, and books) board games. I.e. scrabble, walking, light gardening.
  • Community Integration & Access eg: short courses - computing, budget cooking, basic financial management etc. through community or neighbourhood houses.